New CEO at Kassel’s Specialist for Automotive Parts, WEGU Holding GmbH

No.: 01/2023 Place, date: Kassel, July 6, 2023

As of July 1, 2023, Xiao Ju is the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WEGU Holding GmbH and all affiliated companies of the WEGU Group. Dr. Klak remains in office at WEGU synerSil GmbH. Mr. Ju has taken over the position from Horst Zimmermann, whose expertise and commitment have contributed significantly to the company’s success. “After more than 32 years at WEGU, I will go into retirement at the end of the year. I am pleased that we have found a very committed successor in Mr. Ju, who will advance the WEGU Group to the next level with his many new ideas,” said Horst Zimmermann.

From his previous role as Vice President of the automotive parts specialist, Xiao Ju will bring a wealth of experience and profound industry knowledge to his new position. He will report directly to Mr. Shisheng He, CEO of the NVH module of Anhui Zhongding Sealing Parts Co., Ltd. “Other leadership changes often bring a period of uncertainty. But thanks to Mr. Ju’s outstanding qualities and the perfect support of Mr. Zimmermann until the end of the year, we are confident that we can look forward to an even more successful future,” said Andree Dingel, CFO of WEGU Holding GmbH and Human Resources Director of the WEGU Group.

The company would like to thank all employees, partners and customers for their unwavering support and looks forward to continuing the manufacture of innovative and high-quality products for the automotive industry under the leadership of Mr. Ju.

“On behalf of the entire WEGU Group, I would like to thank Mr. Zimmermann for his tireless commitment over the years. I wish Mr. Ju all the best in his new role and look forward to our continued work together,” Dingel concluded.

About the WEGU Group:

The WEGU Group, headquartered in Kassel and under the umbrella of WEGU Holding GmbH, is a leading specialist for plastic products and molded rubber parts in the automotive industry and has operated on the international market for over 70 years. The company has developed a top-class reputation in the industry with its uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation. 

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Andree Dingel, CFO of WEGU Holding GmbH and Human Resources Director of the WEGU Group.

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Xia Ju, CEO der WWGU Holding GmbH. Foto: WEGU


Xiao Ju, new CEO of WEGU Holding GmbH. Photo: WEGU