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Innovative products for the future

  • e have adapted to the new challenges of electromobility developments and know the range of tasks for elastomers inside out.W
  • Without the background noise from the combustion engine, the natural frequencies of the vibration absorbers are now focused in the range from 200 to 1000Hz. Our state-of-the-art electrodynamic shakers can be used to regulate even the smallest excitation amplitudes or acceleration forces to correctly characterize, develop and industrialize vibration absorbers.
  • The lightweight systems sector is increasingly developing plastic-compatible replacements of metallic components (structural parts in 1K or 2K injection molding) and is successfully integrating electrical conductivity and insulation in lightweight construction. As a result, this unit can act as a competent partner and supplier in the development of e-mobility on a customer-specific basis.

Additional products

WEGU produces specialized plastic products and molded rubber parts