Corporate policy and sustainability rules –

Code of conduct and sustainable practices

With our corporate policy and our entrepreneurial activities geared towards continuous improvement, we strive for a system of values and goals which all employees recognize and accept as a commitment. We want to use this system to jointly realize investments in future-proof jobs.

The WEGU Group is committed to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.

Environmental protection means more to us than just meeting legal requirements. It is a shared task in which all employees participate individually according to their responsibility, commitment, knowledge and skills.

The main goals of our management policy are to avoid or continuously reduce environmental damage and the consumption of energy and resources in the manufacturing, use and disposal of the products. The impact of our products on natural resources factors into our corporate decisions. All the same, we take the aspects of quality management into account.

Our principles of action are:
  • maintain corporate success and enable future-proof investments through entrepreneurial thinking and acting;
  • comply with legal and official requirements as well as incurred external requirements;
  • apply our corporate policy and entrepreneurial activities in order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and quickly implement the requirements of the market or the customers;
  • use resources (materials, air, water, energy, soil, chemicals) sparingly and avoid emissions; take the impact of our products on the environment into account as soon as during development;
  • improve the qualifications of all employees through continuous further training measures, hire personnel with the best possible training in line with the requirements, and place high demands on our employees’ skills, dedication and personal attitude towards the company;
  • respect the personal dignity of every individual and not tolerate discrimination; support the employees’ right to freedom of association and not accept forced labor or child labor as set forth in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work;
  • respect and support the protection of international human rights within our spheres of influence;
  • oppose any type of corruption – whether by direct or indirect means – including extortion and bribery;
  • safeguard privacy and information security and protect these from unauthorized access; comply with applicable laws and regulations on data protection and process data only for the necessary purpose of task fulfillment;
  • make truthful reports to employees, customers, business partners and the public in a timely manner and in accordance with applicable law; maintain business records and documents regarding financial statements, quality reports, time sheets or expense statements in a complete, correct and truthful manner;
  • provide transparent and precise information continuously and promptly and communicate it in accordance with applicable laws and other directives;
  • define business policies and prices independently and without coordinating them with competitors or other independent parties; always treat customers and suppliers fairly and respectfully and comply with antitrust and competition laws at all times;
  • immediately disclose and analyze any unavoidable personal conflict of interests;
  • secure intellectual property, protect it from plagiarism and prevent its circulation;
  • create a work environment in which all employees feel free to report known or alleged misconduct; any form of retaliation against a person who reports an actual or alleged violation in good faith is strictly prohibited; the identity must be retained;
  • comply with mandatory export controls and customs laws as well as existing economic sanction requirements and embargoes;
  • our suppliers must aim to have all of their subcontractors contractually commit to compliance with the standards and regulations specified in this document;
  • wages and social benefits, working hours; compensations and social benefits comply with the basic principles regarding minimum wages, overtime and legally required social benefits. At minimum, the working hours comply with the applicable laws. The collective agreements negotiated by employer and employee representatives are observed as a minimum.

Within the framework of this corporate policy, we are committed to helping our employees and everyone working on our behalf to achieve this.

Xiao Ju (Managing Director)
Dr. Marcus Klak (Managing Director – synerSil)