Chassis bushings

Product information

Application areas and functions

Chassis bushings, also known as strut bearings or chassis mounts, join different components in the vehicle. These components are load-bearing parts and they simultaneously absorb vibrations from different directions, thus increasing driving stability and improving driving dynamics by reducing unwanted vibrations. The challenge in most cases is to accommodate these two basically contradictory requirements in a limited installation space.

The shape, rigidity and design of the chassis bushings vary depending on the type of axle and the purpose of the joint (wishbone struts, compression struts, camber struts).

Product details

Technical requirements

Use of specially developed and coordinated elastomers

Lightweight construction

Customized design depending on the installation space and specifications document

Protection against corrosion

Targeted damping of vibrations and noise

Resistance to stresses

Consistency of properties even at high ambient temperatures

Use of sustainable materials

Additional products

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